The Black Blockchain Summit 2021, Co-hosted by AfriBlocks

The Black Blockchain Summit 2021, Co-hosted by AfriBlocks

Howard University, Washington DC, USA

The 5th Anniversary of The Black Blockchain Summit 2022

Bringing together Blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss a myriad of challenges facing Black communities of the diaspora and the continent of Africa.

Why Now? 

The objective of the 2022 Black Blockchain Summit is to generate innovative and lasting solutions that disrupt our currently unsustainable position within emergent technologies. 

We seek to bring lasting prosperity and independence via blockchain solutions as envisaged by freedom fighters and liberators in the “Arusha Declaration”.

The 2022 Black Blockchain Summit conference agenda is diverse; our speakers will discuss blockchain technology solutions in BARAZA format, an interactive debate format of the Swahili language.  


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