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Top Founder Networks in Africa and Why They are Important

Growing sustainable and high-performing startups is an effort that requires the availability of resources. Many startups get the ball rolling without much in the way of resources, financial or otherwise, and this may affect how they perform. As the African startup scene continues to grow, there is a need to ensure that ther...

Three Financial Technology Tools That Your Startup Needs

Financial technology is a key pillar of today’s businesses. Digital access is an important feature for consumers as it comes with a layer of utility that generally makes life easier. For a startup, having these fintech tools at hand can be the key that helps build a solid customer base and propel the business forward. We ...

The Role of Banks in the Growth of African Startups

Africa’s startup scene has been constantly growing over the last few years. In 2021, African startups received over which broke the investment record for the continent. Projections for 2022 show that the record is likely to be broken again as more VCs find interest in African startups.