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Startup Ecosystems are Critical to the Growth of African Startups

African startups are attracting , with year-on-year comparisons showing a steady increase in said investment. There is significant and genuine interest in the potential that the continent carries in terms of developing products for the future of the globe. The increase in the number of startups on the continent has seen the...

Big Data Has a Major Role in Africa’s Future of Work

Right around the world, businesses are transitioning towards Web 3, and part of these changes in how we approach work has to do with big data. With growing technology, there are several points at which user information is collected. When this information is collected, it is useless until it is properly analyzed to the benef...

Can Telecom Startups Influence Growth and Development in Africa?

The last few years have seen an accelerated change in the way we work and communicate. Advancements in digital technology have forced a shift in several aspects of our lives and . In the context of Africa, there is a lot of effort that is being put in towards preparing the continent for the future of work. Part of ensuring ...