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Backend Engineer
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I am a Back-End engineer with experience in NodeJS, MongoDB, and express. I love building web apps, and I’m always seeking new opportunities to develop…


Software engineer with experience in Web based Applications, Android Applications, iPhone Applications, VBS, BATCH scripting and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Well-versed in numerous programming languages including…

Full-stack Developer. Developing tools and applications to make society and the world more joyful. Currently in love with JavaScript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React & remote work

Hi, friend! I’m Ricky, a full-stack development student currently enrolled in a remote software development school that uses pair programming and real-world projects to teach…

Dreams & Realities
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I am a Google-certified UI/UX Designer, Brand Identity Designer and developer. Since the beginning of my career, I’ve focused on channeling my talent and creativity…

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