Services : Crowdfunding Content Creation And Campaign

Launch a successful Crowdfunding Campaign

We offer a truly concierge crowdfunding marketing service.

From paper napkin drawing to fully designed and managed crowdfunding campaigns including video, website, landing pages, graphic design, PR and more.

Our growth oriented team creates a compelling campaign tailored specifically for your project.


Creating the right content for your campaign, content that tells the unique story of your brand.


Creating a successful crowdfunding campaign for you or your business.

Choose the perfect package


$230 / 10 DAYS
  • Content Creation
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design


$580 / 16 DAYS
  • All in Silver Package
  • Social Media Marketing
    (30 days)
  • Press Article
More Details

Content Creation: Tagline, short description, long description, Key mile stones, the product, the story, traction, mission, goal, the team amount being raised and funds usage.

Video Creation & Editing: 3 Minute Video of the founding team explaining their product in an appealing way. The Video will be edited.

Graphic Design: 5 graphic designs for the campaign landing page and for use on social media and to promote your campaign

All in the Bronze Package +

Campaign Setup: Setting up the campaign on your behalf on RiseFundN’Go.

Rewards: Coming up with rewards ideas and content for your crowdfunding campaign.

Website landing page content: If you currently have a website, you will need to direct people to your current crowdfunding campaign, we can consult and give you the right content.


All in the Bronze Package +

All in the Silver Package +

Press Article: A press release article that will act as your launch & PR campaign towards promoting your crowdfunding campaign.

Social Media Marketing: Marketing your campaign on your social media platform when its finally live (1 Month Duration) is key to your campaign’s success.

Our Work


Songhai is a company that produces high-quality food products for international & local markets, from natural African ingredients grown by local experienced farmers in Ghana.


Medics2You is a ‘tech for good’ business that transforms the way African patients access cutting-edge primary healthcare; saving lives & improving the life expectancy of millions of people.

Our Partnership with Rise FundNGO : United Kingdom

Rise FundNGO was inspired by the simple thought, What next?

Specifically what are we going to do after the marching and the kneeling?


We were motivated by the “black lives matter” paradigm shift to work together with ambitious entrepreneurs to raise money to bring innovative ideas to life and turn visions into reality.

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