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Freelance Writer & Editor of Medical/Health Related Topics

If you are looking for someone who can do proper research work and can write quality articles, blog posts, reports, or essays under short deadlines,…

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I’m experienced in programming ( around 8 years ). I like to find problems anywhere but above all to bring them solutions. That’s why I…

FullStack JS Developer
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Goal-oriented Fullstack JS Developer with strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. Use various web design software to develop customer-focused websites and designs. Committed to…

Full Stack Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer with 10 years experience in project management and cross-department collaboration in the Procurement & Logistics industries. Multilingual with experience in agile…

Social Media Manager
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Basically graduated and experienced in management and business administration, I am a woman passionate about marketing, writing, digital media, graphic design, and web development ……