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Data Science Specialist

I am a Data Scientist who specializes in Predictive Analytics for business, business intelligence, Machine learning, deep learning, descriptive analytics, prescriptive analytics, cognitive analytics, social…

Delayed gratification is a sign of maturity

I am a purpose driven young African adult gentleman, Who takes pleasure in consistent self upgrading through amassing relevant business ideas, skills and  entrepreneurial related…

Colors that elevate Brands
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Graphic Designer A highly talented, driven and flexible graphic designer with a proven record of delivering creative and innovative design solutions. A proven ability of…

I always deliver!
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I am an emotionally mature person who enjoys supporting others in the background. Once I accept an assignment / project, I make sure that the…

Illustrator, children's books author

I am an illustrator. I also write children’s books and have published a couple of books, i authored and illustrated

Data Science/ Analysis
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Data, in my opinion, tells us more than simply numbers; it helps us understand our people and what they want. I’m interested in data science…

FullStack JS Developer
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Goal-oriented Fullstack JS Developer with strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. Use various web design software to develop customer-focused websites and designs. Committed to…

An avid learner
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Experience in using Python for data analysis combined with forecasting, machine learning and deep learning. I continually invest in improving my data science and machine…