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Rockstar Virtual Assistant

  Are you a busy entrepreneur who needs to delegate their daily tasks and concentrate on strategic actions? look no further, you are in the…

Prompt, Precise & Proficient VA

A highly talented, detail-oriented Virtual Assistant and customer service advocate with experience providing exceptional support and ensuring projects are completed on time and with extreme…

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Kenyan Content Creator & Yogi

I am a spirited Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator & Yogi, currently based in Nairobi Kenya. I must admit, traveling and dropping Yoga (in the…

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I am a mature (61-year-old) former journalist who has been working as a media consultant servicing a number of clients specialising in all aspects of…

Forex trading software
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It is a software that can help you to trade the forex market profitably. It is based on certain algorithm that makes it work in…

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I have computer skills after doing a computer course and taking computer as a subject on school. I’m a quick learner. I have lots of…