Sthembiso Mashiyane
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Vue, Angular, HTML5, CSS3, Firebase, SQL ,C# Developer at your service

I am a young, talented, determined, and hard-working young man who is not afraid to get stuck in hard positions.

I starting coding when I was 15, in a “drag and drop” language called scratch that taught me the basic fundamentals of OOP (Object-Oriented Programming), a year later I learned the language Delphi and in IT we used it to code. After high school, I went to CTU training solutions to do my international certifications (MCSD and MCSE-BI). I’ve been working since April 2016 in a C# WPF based company where I did frontend, backend, and SQL development. I currently work in a Web App environment where I do frontend (CSS3, HTML5) and backend (WEB API, C#) with AngularJS since Feb 2017. I’ve also been working in a Firebase, Vue, Angular, for the past year (from 2019)

Crafted Projects

RCK Website


TriplePoint Investment Calculator



C# Developer

  •  Designer Solutions
  •  Apr 2016 - Jan 2017

I worked at Designer solutions and a WCF C# Developer working on a project called Synaptic. The project is used by insurance brokers to sell VAP products and excess waivers. We used WPF to make the application and an Azure SQL database to manage the database.

Junior Developer

  •  Nectarsoft
  •  Feb 2017 - Aug 2019

For two years, I had been part of a small and intimate team at Nectarsoft and I have worked on a variety of different projects and technologies including:

Unimet smart metering systems is a system used by consumers to do all smart meter related like instantly recharging electricity or water to your property, check meter balance, check meter consumption [per day, per hour, per month or per year] etc. We used a C# Web API, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5 for the web app.
Reactive, Angular Material and Ionic were used for the app. Unfortunately, I did not work on the App side of this project, I only worked on the web app side, both front and backend, of the project.

RFID is a laundry prototype I lead development on where we implanted passive RFID tags in laundry items to track if they have left the premises and instantly inform the security office. We used RFID tags, RFID scanners, Node Server, Raspberry Pi's, Python, Web Sockets, C# WebAPI, CSS3, HTML5 and Bootstrap.

Binga is a system I lead development on that manages a company that sells customer filing cabinets in that makes that will make job cards, quotes and purchase orders. We used a C# WebAPI, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5 for this project.

Doorlean is a vehicle management system used by Doorlean who buys cars for dealerships. The systems manage dealership debts, surpluses, stock and vehicle natises. We used a C# WebAPI, Angular, Bootstrap, CSS3 and HTML5 for this project.

Full Stack Engineer

  •  Roering Creative Kin
  •  Sep 2019 - Present

For the past year, I have been working ALL ALONE for the last 9 months :( in the advertising industry.

I have worked on a couple of different projects in the past year mainly using Firebase as the database

I worked together with a former colleague and we built a couple of pages on the Discovery website

I built (from scratch) the internal system where we can nominate co-workers and then a winner is randomly generated every month and there is also a leaderboard for yearly nominations. All concerns that need to be sent to management through the system. The system also has permissions and roles that are set up through the system and only allows specific domain login (Roering Domain). I used Angular 8, AngularFire and Firebase for this project.

I also built (from scratch) an investment portfolio calculation system for an international client where the system receives an Excel sheet and reads the values to build a calculation on how your investment will be split up across different investment portfolios. I used Angular 8 and Firebase for this project.

I also rebuilt the RCK website using Vue.js, Bootstrap, and Firebase.