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Performance Digital Marketing

I have had the privilege of working in the digital marketing field for some time now, and I am thrilled with the many new ways that online  marketing can successfully reach a relevant audience. I always stay on top of every new marketing trend, and I am especially adept at online marketing strategies.

As a versatile Digital Marketing Specialist with extensive experience in Social Media & Performance Marketing, my core competencies revolve around using online platforms to optimize and scale acquisition, improve retention and grow customer Lifetime Value in both B2B & B2C business cases.

What I offer in terms of competencies:

  • conceptualisation, configuration & management of campaigns to increase Acquisition whilst optimising campaign spend to yield optimal Customer Acquisition Cost & ROAS outcomes.
  • Planning and executing Display campaigns to maintain brand visibility, enhance acquisition & engage new & existing users at both pre & post purchase stages of the customer journey.
  • execution of email marketing & marketing automation campaigns geared towards enhancing Customer Retention, increasing Customer Life Time Value and reducing Customer Churn Rate.
  • ensuring that data driven Marketing & Business Development decisions are made. This is achieved by creating Reports & Dashboards that highlight key KPI’s.