Marion Mithamo
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Kenyan Content Creator & Yogi

I am a spirited Travel & Lifestyle Content Creator & Yogi, currently based in Nairobi Kenya.
I must admit, traveling and dropping Yoga (in the most unique places like airport runways) is forever at the top of my bucket list!

I have a big passion for telling African stories through the dynamic lens of travel. My audience of over 20K responds well to authentic & relatable stories/content.

When you partner with me, I bring my creative writing skills, photography, an engaging & relatable personality, as well as a rich knowledge of the African Continent.

I am available for collaborations in Nairobi, Kenya and can travel to other locations around the world.  


Digital Content Creator

  •  Freelance

• Seamlessly develops, manages & executes clients’ social media campaigns, by coming up with the best solutions that best-suits their audiences’ needs.

• Creates uniquely engaging travel content to showcase viable options in Kenya (and Africa), through creative storytelling.

• Offers expert advice to potential travellers on the best places to visit Kenya.

•Curates creative & engaging digital content to promote client’s products & services on trending social media campaigns.

• Works in collaboration with stakeholders in the travel industry (airlines, hotels and tourism bodies) to promote & highlight local travel in Kenya.

• Productively undertaken various freelance writing & editing projects for global clients.