Manthebe Mabelane
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Member since September 12, 2020


Lead Cast Dresser

  •  MMSV Productions
  •  May 2015 - Present

Getting the costumes for the cast in the running order for the day, maintaining good continuity, styling the outfit appropriately. Collecting all the costumes at the end of the day and packing it back to the correct section or sorting costumes for laundry.
Recording continuity on set per scene that is recorded. Maintaining the costume & styling integrity on set.

Event decor stylist & assistant event manager

  •  BLACK Diamond Communications
  •  Apr 2013 - Feb 2015

Conceptualizing the design concept, sourcing decor materials, liaising with service providers, assisting with the smooth cohesive running of the event.

Creative design manager

  •  Bopa Botle Creations
  •  Feb 2012 - Present

A decor & design business. We make invitation cards, gift bags & party decor particular for children's parties.
Recently added a service of providing extra's(background artists) for television and commercial sets.