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Create or Die

A blogger, creative writer, and accidental photographer. He currently documents visual content, but his writing passion keeps him hooked on words. He has worked at Enthuse Afrika, managing content spanning across three online publications under the brand. He also had an opportunity to be part of the Comms Partners Team for British Council’s #ArtsZW 2017-18 project.
Creating original African content that is mentally stimulating is his jam! He is currently serving as the content producer for Digital Spaces Lab and a Creative Consultant at Start Up Mafia.


Content Manager

  •  Enthuse Afrika
  •  Sep 2016 - May 2018

Responsible for monitoring and editing the content of the flagship online publication, ENTHUSE Magazine. Another responsibility is editing and strategising content for BHIZIMUSI a business publication and HALLELLUJAH Mag. Writing and creating content for the social media portals of ENTHUSE is also part of my responsibilities. I lead team meetings in conceptualising Social Media Marketing plans for clients such as Castle Lager, British Council, Golden Pilsener and Chibukueting plans for clients such as Castle Lager, British Council, Golden Pilsener and Chibuku. I liaised with contributors of the magazine and plan new ways of directing traffic to our sites.

Social Media Commnity Manager

  •  Dreams Nightlife
  •  Jun 2018 - Dec 2020

Content Creation and Copywriting for all social media pages.
Acting as a client servicees rep for the whole org online.
Engaging in reputation management exercises.
Team lead in online PR.

Content Producer

  •  Dogita Spaces Lab
  •  Nov 2019 - Present

Head of Content Creation and Curation.
Team lead in Content Conceptualization.
Documentary Production Management.
Head Photographer.

Creative Consultant

  •  Start Up Mafia
  •  Mar 2020 - Present

Content Creation team lead.
Copywriting for digital campaigns.
Campaign Concepts.
Influencer network management.
Developing content strategy.