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GetThe affiliate marketing industry is a multi-billion dollar business. Although it had significant potential before 2020, it was only through the impact of covid that people started to take notice, including me.

I come from a small town in Europe where it is common practice (like everywhere else) to teach you to go to school and get good grades. Then go to university and get a permanent job. Nobody talks about financial independence or that there are other ways of making money.

However, affiliate marketing is a business model that not only allows you to work from home, but is also a lucrative industry. In this article, I’ll show you how to begin affiliate marketing as a complete beginner.

How affiliate marketing works
Affiliate marketing is a business model in which a company pays a third party to promote its product. This business model is also beneficial for affiliate marketers, as they receive commission after sales. It’s also good for the company because they only pay you on sales.

Once you have chosen an affiliate program, you will receive a unique link with a unique code. With this link, the company can track all sales made through you. affiliated with Success