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Gary Wells – Profile
Gary has over 30 years experience in Operational, Information Services and Customer Services management. He was a founding member of Tradanet (E-business), formed in 1997, a company, initially with Retail EDI and then primarily Financial EDI, growing into the current Payserv group. During his tenure (1997-2002, 2003-2018) has held various positions including Customer Service Manager culminating in that of that of Group Operations Manager, with responsibilities across the Group inclusive of the Autopay Payroll Bureau, Tradanet (CABS CPS Loans facility) and Payserv Zambia offices.
His duties and responsibilities included that of the management, monitoring and maintenance of:
Paynet Switch facility and supporting services; Communications links; (multiple redundant fibres, WiMax); All Server and Network security and performance; Data integrity of all systems; Creation, development and maintenance of documentation (IT, DRP, BCP and all Operational policies and procedures); Virtualised Systems and Services; Locally hosted domains and websites; Hosted DR Services (Lion Finance); Hosted Banking Services (Women’s Bank); Payserv hosted Microfinance services (Microserv); All IT related Service providers – Network, Software and Telecommunication; All group company hardware and software procurement inclusive of Licensing.
Supporting services – Physical and Electronic Security; VoIP system; All organisational infrastructural utilities, inclusive of emergency power generators and UPS.
These responsibilities included that of Payserv Zambia while in service.
Gary started his career in 1987 with C F Tulley Associates as an Operations Officer to the Computer Bureau Facility (CBF) transferring to Corporate Data Services (Computer Bureau Shareholding owned by Delta and Astra Corporations – Managed by C.F.Tulley Associates) where he became their Operations Supervisor in 1989 and then Bureau Manager in 1991. The two bureaus merged in 1995 where he retained the position of Bureau Manager.
Gary Wells joined Tradanet (E-business) EDI – (Shareholding with Delta Corporation and C.F.Tulley Associates) in 1999 as Operations and Customer Services Officer.
Between Aug. 2001-Sept. 2002 – Customer Services Manager for African Lakes Technologies.
Gary has extensive IT, managerial and operational experience through project planning and management; business planning and strategy; strategic planning and budgets and wide ranging experience in his field across a wide variety of hardwares, software and systems – Microsoft suites; Micro Focus Cobol, Oracle database; Linux varieties; HP Xeon Servers, Dell Servers, Cisco Routers and Switches, Paynet suite of products and supporting hardwares and softwares.
Gary continues to expand his knowledge base and studies in the areas of IT security, governance and auditing through CISA and CISM studies and is a member of ISACA – (Information Systems Audit and Control Association).