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Hello Good Day. My name is Emilton Hardy  I am Mozambican resident in Maputo with some relevant experiences  in Web Ui/Ux design, User Research, Prototype and Design at all during the lasts years .

Actually I’m working as Freelancer to have more experiences than i would have if i was working in some companies here  in Maputo considering that are few companies here looking for Ux/Ui Designers and the most part of my works or projects in UI/Ux are to people with some ideas such as web and mobile platforms for turning real the vision, dreams and concepts.



Abou Me

I am a fast learner, very organized, dynamic and punctual.

I like to work as a team  , I adapt easily, and always have good spirit i am very dedicated, I always try to find easy and quick ways to perform my work with perfection and quality.

I am very professional and take my job first, and seriously.

Being an important and indispensable piece is fundamental to my self esteem and professional growth.

Freelancer & consulting in Digital Graphic Design  & Web Ui/Ux Design (front end)   

+258-873434650 / +258-843434650 work.emiltonhardy@icloud.com


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