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I use a user-centered and problem-solving approach when tackling the UX process, starting from User research all the way to designing high fidelity prototyping. When working on previous projects, I was a key-contributor to the team in conducting user surveys and user interviews which gave me a better understanding of our target user and audience. This equipped me with the data  that I needed into creating a product in which users can benefit the most. I then created a persona for my ideal user, and then applied that persona using a journey map. This then lead to creating a wireframe using Figma, which showed the full-process of the mobile app design. I have applied skills in interface design, information architecture and graphic design (logo creation) to my design process, in which my portfolio presents. In my entire education and professional life I have been a major contributor to every team/group I have worked with. When working on a team, I take lead in addressing the strengths and weaknesses of the members, and what skill set each person can contribute to address a problem.