Carey-Lee Delport
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  1. I have computer skills after doing a computer course and taking computer as a subject on school. I’m a quick learner. I have lots of tolerance towards people. I can make decision well on my own. I love creating a positive environment. I’m very responsible and love to help people. I’m a good listener to people that needs someone to talk to and I love motivating people. I myself have self-motivation and love being organized. I’m honest and loyal. I have team working skills and give good attention to details. I also love giving my all in everything.


Deli assistant

  •  Burt drive spar
  •  Feb 2015 - Feb 2016

assisting customers serving them with meals or food they would like.


  •  The Acres Spar
  •  Mar 2016 - Mar 2018

I worked on the till with money and assisting customers, cashing up my money to make sure it balances.


  •  The Acres Spar
  •  Mar 2018 - Oct 2021

Done orders for customers, made shifts for cashier, put shifts into astrow clocking system for shop, helped with packing of stock on shelfs, helped arrange shop when there is inspection, helped doing stock orders aswell for example I do the cig order and I do many more than just that. I do more than expected of me and my job description. All these things I do made me work alot ln computers on office, etc.