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The Building Blocks Of Africa Series: Players In Food Security

Food security is one of the pressing issues globally. The world has taken a shift towards finding solutions that can guarantee food security for future generations while also taking care of a fragile environment and ecosystems. Food production will always be a vital component of our lives. It is important for the general ec...

The Building Blocks Of Africa Series: Introduction

The African startup scene has seen an unprecedented boom over the last couple of years. According to Big Deal, a database that keeps track of startup funding, (and this is only considering deals that are worth over $100 000). Bloomberg estimates this number to be , and ...

AfriBlocks partners with Push Consulting & Marketing (USA)

Today, AfriBlocks announced a new partnership with Push Consulting & Marketing (PCM) to utilize PCM’s Push Social social media management platform for its customers and freelancers. AfriBlocks already boasts a robust network of freelancers, and premium access to the Pus...