Amazingly Africa an The Princess Warrior Story

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Amazingly Africa an The Princess Warrior Story

The AfriBlocks community has gained inspiring clients. These entrepreneurs and companies are leading the way, setting the standards, and motivating us all to look outward and help those around us with whatever resources we have.

One of these companies is Amazingly Africa, a Pan-African Leadership Network founded by Linda Foinding. It is, “a platform dedicated to the next generation of leaders that provides tools & resources to excel such as job opportunities, the refinement of digital skills and access to a global pool of mentors”. Their mission is geared towards the exponential growth of Africa’s economy for the service of and wellbeing of its people. 

Linda Foinding Amazingly Africa
Linda Foinding

As the drive towards empowering women grows stronger each year, the Amazingly Africa team has put their mark in place by establishing The Princess Warrior Initiative, whose aim is to empower smart and ambitious young women. These young and aspiring women are provided with various tools to help them along their journey, such as a platform, a community of peers and mentors, resources, and foundational skills that will aid them to compete in this fast and everchanging world. The Princess Warrior Initiative’s work touches upon the United Nations Sustainable development goals, specifically: 

1. No Poverty

2. Quality Education 

3. Gender Equality

4. Decent Work and Economic Growth. 

Linda has reached out and worked with our team of freelancers on AfriBlocks for a variety of projects such as website creation, graphic designs, and podcast editing. We began collaborating with Linda in 2020 and our first assignment was the creation of the Amazingly Africa, the Pan-African Leadership Network’s website. The website is filled with creative and captivating pictures and content that really highlight us as Africans while capturing the essence and heart of the company. 

Amazingly Africa
Amazingly Africa

Between Linda working hard on empowering the community around her, she also hosts the oh-so engrossing podcast, Umoja Sessions. It is a podcast formatted as a talk show, which aims to foster the dialogue between Africa and its Diaspora, as people share their creative and innovative stories as budding entrepreneurs. Umoja Sessions also hosts riveting roundtable discussions based on Socio-Politico-Cultural-Economic matters and more.

Amazingly Africa’s ability to outsource some of their work through our freelancers has been an immense benefit to the company as they now have the capacity to focus on important tasks, which eases the load off of them, so they are able to use their time wisely. 

Linda’s advice to freelancers is to have them do the research first, to find something they are potentially interested in. She stated that “even a little bit of interest in a subject goes a long way on rainy days. Then go ahead and take a few online courses to master the material and test out those skills with some friends and family members. Once you have the skills, go ahead and showcase your work online and put yourselves out there. The demand for youth with digital skills is ever-increasing, even at Amazingly Africa we are looking for smart and ambitious youth, so if you believe you are one, do not hesitate to reach out to us!” 

With Amazingly Africa’s encouraging platform, you can partner with them to become a Princess Warrior, a mentor, and even a sponsor through their website! 

It is always such a pleasure at AfriBlocks when we have such exceptional leaders in our community, connect with us. We are always thrilled to run with our client’s visions and watch them come to life as we journey on their path of success together. 


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