Africa and The Future Of Work Report 2021

This report will analyze the impending global talent shortage, Africa's growing tech ecosystem ,and the continent's freelance economy.

Title: Africa and The Future of Work Report 2021

Published: 20 July 2021

Compiled by: Roger Roman, Tongayi Choto and Ryan.K.Smith


Freelance work has become a viable source of employment for many people across the world, particularly in Africa. It has shifted from being a vocation people engage in to supplement their income to being a full-time source of jobs. Many industries such as IT, journalism, design, and programming are making use of freelance workers to get their work done.

In a world that has become interconnected, African professionals provide highly valuable skill sets across a variety of industries. There is a growing demand for the services of African talent, and more people are taking up freelancing to export their professional skills, which is vital for the individuals themselves & Africa as a whole.

Africa And The Future of Work Report 2021

Helping entrepreneurs building Africa’s future of work.

Africa’s tech industry has witnessed a consistent bull run over the past few years with total investment figures surging from $400 milion in 2015 to over $2 billion in 2019 according to the Partech, Africa Tech Venture Capital Report; Read more…

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  • Introduction
  • The Global Tech Talent Shortage
  • The Growing African Tech Ecosystem
  • The African Freelance Economy


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