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5 Annoyances You’ll Face As A Freelancer & How To Overcome Them

There are two sides to freelancing. While there are plenty of successful clearing six figures or more, there are even more whose career has been a stagnant struggle to find work. 

What separates the high earners from those living month-to-month, gradually losing hop...

4 Tips For Attracting Clients

The high volume of freelancers vying for clients’ attention and dollars may be intimidating, but it is possible to stand out and be noticed. To not get lost in the sauce, you need to develop a system so that you will be seen, heard, hired and sought-after. Focus on logic rather than your personal motivations, then flouris...

Types of Business Startup Costs

Regardless of how you feel about its significance, money is a necessary part of life. This is particularly true if you are going into business, especially in the startup phase. Adequate funds are a necessity for your growing venture, not an extra. 

As a startup owner...

8 Ways To Improve Communication

Communication is vital to building relationships with your clients. Improved communication means that a job will be better done. Through clear communication, you can provide direction and purpose, build trust, increase understanding of a client's perspective, create accountability and, most importantly, eliminate confusion....